British TV Remakes

Whatever the reason, American television executives think it is a better idea to remake popular foreign shows instead of syndicating them. There is an inherit difference in quality between American remakes and British originals. Of course you could claim quality is really personal preference – that is bullshit. I don’t know anyone who honestly thinks the American Top Gear is superior to the British original.

But maybe it is an original vs. remake argument?  So, if the original is better why make the remake? Kitchen Nightmares stars Gordon Ramsey in both the American and British original. In the American version Gordon is much nicer and the stories are more inspirational.  The problem is, I liked the original for his meanness and sink or swim storytelling.

I am not saying the British are better than us, the examples are just easier to explain.  I am saying that I don’t appreciate when shitty remakes are made instead of just giving us the original.

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