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Oh God, We’re Friends With A Cookie

Great video, explains the life of a creative. My favorite lines are:

  • Consumer Whisperer
  • Made us cry twice with an ad for juice
  • And invented a cookie we could be friends with, oh God, we’re friends with a cookie
  • You lanyard swinging genius

YouTube Comments

What does YouTube tell you after you refuse to create a Google+ page to comment?


I don’t want my YouTube channel, for which I have over 100,000+ views, to be linked to my personal Google+ account and I don’t want to open a Google+ page for my channel. Take the hint YouTube. Even the co-founder of YouTube doesn’t like it:


Today, commenters started protesting by posting tank character art with the same message over and over again on popular videos (it is annoying but I support it). They are spamming fast enough where it makes most real comments hard to find.


Things I Don’t Do Well: The Big List


It’s a metaphor.

Bear with me: I am a marketing and advertising juggernaut. I read, study, attend conferences, network and practice my craft. I stay sharp by investing and developing my own skills and have acquired years of experience. Marketing, advertising, writing and traveling are my passions! It is very easy for me to state my mastery.

What I don’t do well: There are plenty of things I don’t do well. If a friend, co-worker or applicant says they are great at everything – that’s a red flag. So, here is my big list of things I don’t do well:

Using scissors
Freehand drawing
Auto repair
Getting up early
(this is a running list)

Confusing Creative


I honestly have no idea why this women is wearing football gear in a greenhouse holding cherry tomatoes. Clicking the post link doesn’t explain much and our lady isn’t to be found on the page. Apparently, this is part of the “Big Business no longer owns the Big Game” – which is a falsehood. Clearly the line is a stretch as they had to use Big Game instead of Super Bowl.

Wasn’t She in That Other Ad Too?

Very often you will see the same actor in ads for different products at the same time. Brian Stepanek is a good example, he’s been in ads for Ace Hardware, Advil, OnStar, Toyota, Progressive Insurance, Priceline, Dairy Queen, Verizon, Sprint and Microsoft in a short period of time. Melanie Paxson is hot right now, she’s in many ads at this moment.

melanie paxsonHere are just some of the ads she’s in right now:

Red Robin (many of them)


Fiber One

Yoplait (older ad but they are still using it on TV)



Etc., etc. etc.

Spanish Train Tragedy Exploitation

EdgeRank is a Facebook algorithm that decides which posts you see on your Newsfeed. Mastering EdgeRank is key to success on Facebook but some are employing techniques when they should not. The more engagement a post has, via comments, likes and shares, the more people will see the post.

But asking fans to “like” a post depicting a tragedy for your own gain is messed up. The “‘Like’ to send thoughts and prayers to the victims of the crash!” section is an EdgeRank trick.


It is easy for us social media marketers to see what’s going on. Regular people understand it as well:


It’s Just Lunch, Men Need Not Apply

In a rare twist, a ruling came out today that a dating service company discriminated against men by only hiring female sales reps. It’s Just Lunch, now owes 900k. Judging by one of their recent tweets, it’s a chick-run company. The only man in the photo, doesn’t work there. I don’t have an opinion on this case, but find it interesting.


Cutting Edge Grass Seed Prank?

Cutting Edge, a grass seed sold on TV and online, has an interesting TV ad. Doesn’t it look like a face is superimposed into the lawn? I see it, I paused and took this screenshot.


 Do you see it? Did someone pull a prank? I’ve enhanced the photo by giving it a simple high contrast.


Playing with Knives

Taco Bell is moving further with their Cantina food concept, now launching a cantina double steak quesadilla. Ad campaign star Lorena Garcia carelessly swings a knife around her kitchen, It has caused a stir. Watch it here.




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