Party Crashing at SXSW

I was walking down 6th street in Austin, Texas, looking for a WordPress blog party where I had VIP access. Passing an upscale restaurant a doorman asked if I was looking for the Chevy Roadtrip party. I said “sure, am I late?” The doorman wasn’t sure. Once inside I was greeted by a chipper Chevy hostess who told me to enjoy cocktails at the bar. I ordered a gin and tonic because I wanted to get right to the business of the free drink. Beer is great but liquor gets you drunk quicker.

With a second drink now in my hand. I started to chat up some already chatty bloggers. Chevy had paid select bloggers to drive across the county in a new Chevy whilst blogging about it. I discovered that I was at a filming to document the last leg of the trip, the arrival. Advertising film crews took photos and video of everything.

Again, I thought I was late to the party. There was a ton of food and everyone must have already eaten, right? They had these awesome southwest egg rolls, mac-n-cheese balls and the like. A girl said “I didn’t know we could eat yet.” – I wasn’t late after-all.  People were not supposed to eat yet because the crew hadn’t filmed the food yet. I blamed a fictitious dude by telling people he told me to start eating.

My third drink from the bar was now in hand. A Chevy rep started talking to me. She wanted to know what team I was on. Time seemed to slow down, “team?”, I thought. “Green”, I said. The lady looked puzzled but I didn’t blink. She excused herself, I chugged my gin and tonic and got out before I was kicked out.

Here’s the video they were filming (yawn):

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