Pepsi NEXT Baby Ad

“Well, you’re not in the target audience,” is what a Pepsi ad executive would probably say if they read my review of the Pepsi NEXT launch ad below. They would be wrong and wrong again on the grounds that I couldn’t put myself in the targets’ shoes.

I can’t tell you how fast I turn the channel when this pretentious abortion of an ad displays on my big screen. It is a steaming pile of crap that relies on the popularity of child viral videos as it’s creative propeller.

Pepsi doesn’t give their audience any credit and therefore goes for the cheap shot joke rather than clever a campaign. Their interactive “viral” campaign running in conjunction even lacks a clever edge. Why don’t they just film a guy getting hit in the nuts, CGI of course, while he is drinking Pepsi NEXT? That ad would be on the same level of intelligence.

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