Smoking Out The Racists

Lowe’s Home Improvement pulled their sponsorship of “All-American Muslims” on TLC due to many negative comments they were receiving. Many of the comments were on Facebook. Why Lowe’s would bow down to racist or ignorant comments on Facebook? I don’t know. They should be blocking these comments. I guess this is the negative power of social media. We know that people hiding behind anonymity will say things they would never say in real life.

By all accounts the content of the show is tame, just Muslim people living in America.  Lowe’s objection is over the conversation around the show, not the show itself. Maybe that is true, but the flames seem to be higher now that they’ve pulled the ads. Here are some of the things people are saying on the Lowe’s Facebook page:

Lisa Carlson PetersonThank you for not supporting Islamic cultural Jihad in our country, Lowe’s! You just created another dedicated shopper!

Amber SoderlindLowes, I respect you even more for pulling your advertising! How dare these people come into our country and try to take over and push their religion on us! I do not about offending anyone! We have bowed down and not taken a stand for too long! Go home to your own country where you disrespect women and kill babies and children just because you think you can! I guarantee if you tried that shit here I would be the first in line to blow you away!

Christian Moriartywow had no idea what was going on till I checked your wall out! I will be shopping at your store a lot more now!!! Great decision and those Mooselms who cares what they think! You don’t sell mud and straw to build houses anyway!!

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