Social Powerball

Cheap tactics and some legal avoidance helped brands and others gain fans over the recent Powerball buzz.

Prior to one of the biggest Powerball lottery drawings in history, celebrities and brands (Fox11, 95.5 Radio, Larry Fitzgerald, etc.) posted their lottery tickets online and offered to share the winnings if their fans shared the photo. The idea was gold but against many of Facebook’s policies. Imagine the lawsuits and chaos if Larry would have won?

Takeaway: Is gaining Facebook fans by breaking Facebook Terms of Service, where your page could be deleted, worth the possible gains? For my clients I say, no.

And then there are those who abuse the concept. This brute fooled many on Facebook. It is a picture of a fake winning Powerball ticket that is now the most shared photo in Facebook history. Smart people quickly pointed out that the ticket was very fake. The numbers in a Powerball ticket are always in ascending order. The uploader promised a percentage of the winnings for anyone who shared the photo.

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