SXSW Apps You Need to Know

While Highlight seems to have stolen the show at SXSW this year, there are 2 equally impressive apps that also received much fanfare.

DRNK – Mobile Browser
Mobile browsers have been plagued by tiny text, but DRNK (pronounced “drunk”) browser aims to tackle mobile readability. Besides making text bigger, DRNK has Jitter Control, a feature that stabilizes the screen if you are walking, riding a train or on-the-move using the devices’ gyroscope. This is the core function of DRNK, but there was another reason for its creation tied to its name.

The original goal was to make a browser that would make drunk browsing possible but the idea progressed to something much more. This is evident in “Double Vision mode”, which stabilizes text when you are not moving but drunk.  Although this latter feature is more novelty than productivity, it is a good excuse to have a few pints.

Locati – Location Based / Travel
Simply put , Locati is a location-based app to manage your other location-based apps. Locati uses your location to determine the location-based app that has the largest user base and/or infrastructure wherever you are! Locati is a great way to find local startups or regional location apps you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise. With app-overload looming, “apps to manage your apps” will become ever-so important.

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