The Fantasy Football Rules

Fantasy Football is pure pleasure to some but annoying garbage to others. it is the douchebag fantasy owners who give this non-sport a bad name. I’ve devised 5 simple rules all fantasy owners should follow:

1. The performance of your favorite real team is more important than your fantasy team, always.

2. Don’t discuss fantasy football with someone who doesn’t play fantasy football as it is very annoying to them. If you don’t play Fantasy Football, stop reading right now.

3. Fantasy Football is not a sport, it’s a game like chess but with human pawns, treat it as such.

4. Management of a fantasy football team does not qualify you to manage people or projects, it is not a real qualification and/or doesn’t count as “team building“.

5. Don’t pretend you are wiser than everyone else in the league when in fact fantasy football is more like the lottery than the NFL.

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