The Price is Now Right

I had the pleasure of watching The Price is Right this morning while waiting for the pest control guy. We have a serious scorpion problem and we called the best people for the job.

Back to The Price is Right, Drew Carey has really turned out to be a great replacement for Bob Barker. I didn’t think that at first but he has settled in and is a joy to watch.

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  1. Juliea H.

    Awesome! Hope the Scorpion problem is no longer a problem:)

  2. Juliea H

    Hello James,
    I am the blogger and writer for Responsible Pest Control’s website. I am also the daughter (and secretary) of the companies first founder, and wife of the current company president. I am not well educated when it comes to writing professionally, but I enjoy what I do. You on the other hand have a talent. I enjoyed reading through your blog posts. Thank you for your “ping back” to our site.
    Juliea Huffaker

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