Winning The Online Review Game

Digital reputation management
is one of those things that clients never really understood. Today, not addressing online reviews is a liability for businesses, especially “brick and mortars”. A rating based on reviews is often the deciding factor between “Jim’s Cupcakes” and “Cupcakes by Jim”.

Yes, I offer services in this area in various ways. One method is to evaluate existing negative reviews against the review site’s Terms of Service. Many times negative reviews contain TOS violations, acting on your behalf, I can remove these negative reviews raising your rating score. Picture your Yelp score of 3.0 now being a 4.5. Okay, enough with the shameless plug.

I feel great when I give a local business a glowing review. Responsible Pest Control really understands the power of online reviews and I was delighted to indulge them when they politely asked for one. Just asking goes a long way. Read my review here.

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  1. Juliea H

    Hi James!
    I didn’t know that there is a Scorpion Workers Union, Scorpion Commune, and a Scorpion Night Club! That is so funny!! YOU ARE GREAT!! Thank you!!!

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