You Did It!

You Did It!
Congrats Jesus freak, that 1,000th flyer you left on a random car in the Target parking lot was the one that made a difference. Just like a door-to-door salesmen, but with less guts, you’ve won.

I am a satirist, like David Sedaris. Notice how this tiny flyer doesn’t even have contact information, I will have to murder a random Jesus-fish toting stranger in response. Okay, enough joking around.

How would people feel if I placed “Jesus is not lord” on their cars? It wouldn’t be cool would it? I respect other people, even if I don’t agree with them, but it might be time to fight back.

Today I’ve placed an order for “Jesus is not lord” micro-flyers, each flyer contains a paragraph about respecting those who don’t “believe”. My flyers will be placed on the cars in the parking lot of each church who posts a flyer on my car (and leaves contact info, most have it).

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