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Local Business Name Win

Found in Blairgowrie, Scotland. I am a big fan of creative local business names, Curl Up ‘n’ Dye is fantastic. You could say that the name is a bad idea, but this is a small local shop not a global brand.


PR Ambulance Chasing To Save Amy’s


Amy’s Baking Company is in total meltdown, no question. You shouldn’t be shocked to hear that Ad and PR agencies in Phoenix smelled the blood and circled to sign A.B.C. ASAP. Rose + Moser + Allyn PR is now the agency of record for Amy’s. As an Ad and PR professional myself, I have to stop and wonder – should they be helped? Would I want my brand to touch their brand? This real life story has tragic ending written all over it.

Update: Rose + Moser + Allyn has stopped working with Amy’s, the reason was not released.

The Social Media Guru

Are you a Social Media Guru? Please jump off a cliff. Social media is a marketing science not a holistic special karmic snowflake. Real professionals measure, experiment and drive – yoga mat not required.


Go Google: Hall and Oates

It’s a slam dunk from Google on their Go Google campaign. As someone who has collaborated with a large team via Google Drive (formally Google Docs), it really does work like that.

The 20% Text Ad Rule

Do you think this image contains more than 20% text?

Facebook needs to get adjust their algorithm. This is getting crazy. I also keep getting ad disapproval for line charts because of too much text in my ads. Pull it together Facebook.

Facebook Wants One Dollar

Want to contact a long lost friend on Facebook? It’s now going to cost you a dollar. If you don’t pay, that message is going to the Other folder, which doesn’t normally give a notification. There is no charge if you are already a friend or connected to the person you are messaging.

Facebook is charging $1 for messages

Vine Microvideo Blogging

Vine is a new social service, like Instagram but with microvideo. Microvideos are short meme like clips, much like GIFs but they have sound and are a combination of video clips into one microvideo clip, where a GIF is static images combined to create an animation. They look very similar.  Vine was just purchased by Twitter. You can share to Facebook, Twitter and Email at the moment. See my example below and follow me:

Search for “James Marcus” on Vine to follow me.

Verizon Can Take a Sick Kid to School

Verizon has a new campaign called “Powerful Answers.” The TV spots are very similar to ones ran by GE and Duracell, where the company has an important (maybe greater) role in your life through its products. One such claim in the new adverts is the ability to take a sick kid to school. Watch the ad here.

There are many storylines in the ad, but the sick kid is an example of how people are dumb about technology. A wireless laptop with webcam or iPad does 99% of what the sick kids needs. 100% if you agree the sick kid doesn’t need to roll around. So, why does he need to roll around? Can’t a friend take him to the next class? Don’t elementary school kids stay in one classroom all day, why does the invention roll anyway?


What’s Multi-Level Marketing?

The Pink Mary Kay Capstone Car

Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM, is a popular American marketing system.  Mary Kay, Man Cave, Cutco, Amway and Herbalife are all MLM programs. These businesses make most of their money by selling the right to sale their products than they do selling products. Some consider them pyramid schemes and the term “Multi-Level” is a play on that term.

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