For Hire

Handwashing - An innovation that has saved millions of lives.

Yes, I like to compare myself to handwashing. But unlike handwashing my innovations are advertising, marketing, and social media focused. I am a full-time copywriter but I have about 10-20 hours available in my client book. So what do I do?

  • Social media campaigns – I can run full campaigns with about 5 hours of labor thanks to scheduling apps, which include community moderation. I learn the company voice and it becomes my voice.
  • Copywriting – blogs, ads, foldouts, articles, and news stories. I rock the AP Style or any style.
  • Strategy & Consulting – What’s the plan Stan? Fresh ideas and direction without fear.
  • PPC and Ad targeting – I’ll spend your money mo’ better. I once found a place that sold 20 avocados for a $1 and they made very effective guacamole. So let’s make guacamole together.

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