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Let’s Get Good Seats This Time

“These seats are saved!”, barks a surly women at the Harkins theater in Tempe, AZ. She blocks out a whole row like a mama grizzly protecting her cubs. Seating at the movies is first come, first served. We all know this. Yet, some feel they can reserve large quantities of seats for people who didn’t have the decency to arrive early enough to earn them.

What does this say to other paying patrons? Last night I arrived 30 minutes early to “Life in a Day” and found that most of the seats were being saved for patrons who had yet arrived. Jackets, sweaters and coats lined whole rows, which I find odd for a summer showing being as it is 115 degrees outside.

I’ve decided that I will no longer honor the “saved seat” command to someone who is saving more than one seat. Watch out world.


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