Real Orange Soda

European Orange Fanta, American Orange Fanta and Orangina. Which one looks the most natural?

Everyone who visits Europe goes through a “compare everything to Europe” phase when they come home. This time I am impressed by orange soda, among other things of course. In Europe they don’t put up with orange soda that contains no juice. I drank 3 or 4 bottles of Orange Fanta because I couldn’t get enough of what American orange soda could be like. You can buy¬†Orangina at Safeway, which is basically the same thing. European Fanta is not sold in the US.

The original formula of Orange Fanta, available in Germany, Austria, and other countries, is completely different from the drink marketed in the United States as Fanta Orange. The original contains orange juice and has a color similar to orange juice, while the version made for the US market is artificially colored red-orange, uses brominated vegetable oil and has no fruit juice.

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