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Social Media Isn’t a Candy Store

You can’t just slip Jolly Ranchers into your pocket when the store clerk has his head turned, you will get caught! That’s why big brands must understand interactive media and Internet culture to play. I’ll give you two examples.

1. Kit-Kat + Pedobear
Pedobear is a fictional bear who molests kids, he is typically posted on Internet threads when someone says something creepy. Kit-Kat, who claims to have never heard of Pedobear, posted a photo below which clearly looks like Pedobear (on the left, Pedobear on the right).

2. Pitbull + Walmart
Walmart decided to send rapper Pitbull to whichever local Walmart store gained the most Facebook “Likes”. A campaign started to exile Pitbull to a place no one would see him. Here’s the full story and Pitbull’s response video.

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