Losing It For Nothing

Like a prize fighter or well-oiled machine, it takes maintenance to insure peak performance. My body is no different. I find myself in need of losing some weight. I am not out-of-control but I know the holidays are going to be filled with goodies. There are various systems and websites for tracking daily eating and exercise, many cost money but some are free. I recommend, it is free and easy to track how many calories you eat and spend. There is no catch and no ads. Other websites charge for exact same thing, and that is lame.

Half Day

Today I took a half-day off from work. It was much needed as I have banked a considerable amount of PTO. April and I hit up Chipotle, scored 4 free State Fair tickets from 98.7 “The Peak” and hit up the antique mall. All and all, a great half-day.

Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?

Hey Brother - Buster Bluth no handGreat question. The best book I’ve read in a long while is, “Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?“. It is free online and a must read! I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting a few choice excerpts:

“And we know that God ignores the prayers of amputees through our own observations of the world around us. If God were answering the prayers of amputees to regenerate their lost limbs, we would be seeing amputated legs growing back every day.”

“If God intervenes with cancer patients to remove cancerous tumors, then God should also intervene with amputees to regenerate lost limbs.”

“If you think about what you are reading in the Bible in the context of an all-knowing God who supposedly wrote it, none of it makes any sense. But if you think about the Bible as being a book written by primitive men like you would find in the remote regions of Afghanistan today, it makes complete sense. This tells you everything you need to know. The Bible was written by primitive men, not by God.”

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