Gillette “G Facts”

While shaving my beautiful face this morning, I was greeted by a pleasant fact printed on my shave gel. “G Fact: Hair is over 40% easier to cut when it’s soaked in warm water for two minutes.”

Eureka! Most men know the above to be true, but this fact has extra meaning in my life. My ex-girlfriend did not like when I left the house with stubble. She would insist I shave immediately before we went out. I would tell her it is very difficult to shave without taking a shower first. She took that reply as an excuse. Now I have proof.

Jersey Mike’s is Legit

Last Sunday, I went grocery shopping in the morning. Of course I didn’t eat anything before I left the house, so I was in a hunger-rage after checking out. My girlfriend, April, had been suggesting we give Jersey Mike’s subs a try for a week or so now. I decided to listen to her but warned her about the consequences* of what would happen if it sucked.  Lucky for her, Jersey Mike’s was awesome. We visited the Tempe, AZ location. I had the cheese steak and she had a turkey sub. Check them out, I would probably punch a baby for their cheese steak sandwich on a regular basis.

* The consequences being: me complaining for an hour and shunning her from picking next time.

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