Billy Mays Still Selling

Billy Mays is still selling products. Late at night, years after his death, Billy can sometimes still be seen. I see it as a compliment to his talent as in death he can still keep the checks rolling in. He really is the best pitchman in history.

Billy’s First Video

Notable products pitched

Product Description
Awesome Auger A gardening tool.
Big City Slider Station A mini-burger cooker.
The Ding King A dent repairing device.
DualSaw A circular saw with two blades.
ESPN360 A broadband service.
EZ Crunch Bowl “A new way to eat breakfast cereal”.
Flies Away A fly trap.
Gopher A tool for grabbing out-of-reach objects.
Grater Plater A ceramic plate with grater teeth.
Green Now! Lawn fertilizer in a can.
Grip Wrench A tool to help gripping.
Handy Switch A wireless electric switch.
Hercules Hook A hook for hanging objects on a wall.
iCan health insurance Health insurance.
iTie A necktie with a hidden pocket.
Jupiter Jack Cell-phone speaker system for the car
Kaboom! Tile and shower cleaner.
Mighty Mendit A bonding agent for mending cloth.
Mighty Putty An epoxy putty adhesive.
Mighty Putty Steel A metal alloy adhesive putty.
Mighty Putty Wood A non-shrinking epoxy putty for wood.
Mighty Tape A self-fusing silicone rubber waterproof tape.
Orange Glo A wood cleaner.
OxiClean A general purpose cleaner.
Quick Chop A chopping device.
Samurai Shark A knife sharpener.
Simoniz Fix-It A scratch remover.
Tool Band-it A magnetic armband for holding hand tools.
Turbo Tiger A vacuum cleaner.
Ultimate Chopper A kitchen tool.
Vidalia Slice Wizard A kitchen tool.
WashMatik A hose that could pump water from a bucket without being hooked up to a faucet.
What Odor? An odor-removing fluid.
Zorbeez A chamois cloth.
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