Up All Night

Television premiere season is here! The first new show I’ve checked out is “Up All Night” on NBC. This sitcom is about the trials of new parents. I hate to say it because I like Will Arnet, but it sucked. The second half of the first episode showed promised but then it slipped back to baby humor. Maybe it just wasn’t my thing?

Hoarders: Winning

The newest episode of Hoarders, a reality show on A&E, features Phyllis and Janet. They have a problem keeping a clean house. Let’s take a look at these two hoarding ladies of primetime:

She likes dolls and stuffed animals. She has enough plush to satisfy all the orphans in Africa. Her life isn’t in danger but it is out of control.
She takes dumps in plastic bags, pees in bottles and has no heat or running water. We’re talking piles of feces inside her home. Janet might be mentally ill.

Janet is clearly the most sad of the two, but there are no winners here.

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