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The Art Scene is Brutal

The Louvre can be overwhelming. On my second trip, I noticed some of the more brutal works of art. The work above is clearly not a family portrait. I like to call this painting “Chop Fest” but it’s real name is “Beheading of Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian” painted by Fra Angelico in Rome in 1438.  Notice the halos on the decapitated heads, a sign of martyrdom.

Lunch is served! Oh, wait! That is a human head, you can’t eat it. Actually this is a very famous scene, depicted in many paintings (1, 2, 3). The painting above is by Bernardino Luini and is one of the less famous depictions.

Dude, I think you need to go to the hospital! “Nah, man I will just lay down for awhile, I’ll be alright.” This is Saint Pierre of Verona and he didn’t survive, painted by Ambrogio Bergognone in 1494.

“Sorry to interrupt madame,  a mob has hung Billy and it is not looking good for the rest of us.” Painting by Filippino Lippi.

You know things are bad when a half-man/half-goat is bonding with your baby. The baby (really an angel) is just chilling, while goat-man lets his ding-dong breathe. I have no information on this painting. I took all the photos above and Google Image “Search by image” did the rest.

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