The Travel Channel is a Sham

I love travel and I can’t get enough travel programming. PBS is one of the best at providing travel shows, who doesn’t like a 3 hour block of Rick Steves? But PBS doesn’t offer enough for me, I want more and I’d expect The Travel Channel should hit that spot. Wrong. I just can’t take the abortion of programming that is the “The Travel Channel”. All of their shows are about food or food related travel. I already have Food Network, I want a real travel channel in my life.

Let’s look at a typical day on The Travel Channel:

Man vs. Food – Fatbody Adam Richman eats his way through America. I recently watched the San Diego episode, they don’t  even tell you where in San Diego these pig-out spots are located.

Man vs. Food Nation – A spin-off of the above with contestants.

The Best Thing I’ve Ever Eaten – Chefs, actors and comedians talk about their favorite places to eat.

Food Wars – A food challenge show.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern – Fatbody Andrew Zimmern eats odd shit from odd places.

Bacon Paradise – A show dedicated to bacon.

Burger Paradise – A show dedicated to where you can get a great burger.

Sand Masters – A show about people who build sand sculptures.

As you can see, there is much to be desired from the Travel Channel’s lack of travel programming. Am I the only one who wants to call the Travel Channel out? Too bad you can’t unsubscribe from individual channels, yet!

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